We give life to estructures with volume (buildings and objects), through the projection, creating visual and sound fx. Experiences with a unique content, generating high impact on the spectator either in events, christmas shows, launching of products or brand positioning.

The creativity that portrays us is reflected in each of our audiovisual contents, producing unique pieces. We like to take risks, innovate and propose different choices, always taking into account the effectivity of the message. Our production and postproduction crew creates all the projects since the creative face, production and ending the products.

Capturamos la esencia de las empresas y buscamos una forma única de plasmar cada mensaje a través de diferentes técnicas, en imagen real o animación, para traducir la información institucional en resultados positivos en la comunicación corporativa, logrando una transformación que genere impacto en las empresas.

We are experts in 2D and 3D animation and we made a great combination of both, telling stories and generating new visual sensations to the audience; always exploring new audiovisual trends that have made us experts in diferents techniques.

We make projects that combine the audivisual sound enviroment and devices that allow comunication and interaction with the public, mixing new interactive media with technological resorces such as holograms, augmented reality, interactive mapping, among other. Allowing as to create high impact experiences and a good recall in the public.

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Mauro Diaz


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